Account Ownership Change

Hey - I am in the same situation. What is the procedure in removing that owner who is not longer at my organization?

Hi @nick21

Since there’s some security procedures we need to go through in order to change the owner, I’ve gone ahead and opened up a support ticket for you. Keep an eye on your email inbox for the link to the ticket.

Same here - Owner no longer at the company - Could I have a support ticket created to re-assign ownership ?

Check your email @sean.kuyk ! I just created a support ticket for you :grin:

same here too, please advise.

Hi @ians

Let me create a ticket for you, you should see an email from us :sunglasses:

I am also in need of this function, as the account owner of my account is no longer with our company.

@pcbye Our account team will be reaching out to fix this issue. You’ll get an email from them soon.