Account(s) needs to be deleted


our accounts S-Group (Cybercom Partner Master)_1 2189965 and S Group_1 2174926 are not in use anymore and i need to delete them. I tried to do it by myself but it seems that i cant do it. Can you help?


Hi @sd13

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

For the account deletion of Cybercom Partner Master, Account id 1901235. Please follow the steps highlighted here How to delete your Organization.

For S Group_1 2174926 im trying to locate it, this is the other account associated to this profiles email. Noting the other account name is Cybercom Operations Center and its account id is 63008. Can you confirm this indeed the account deletion you are requesting.

As the Cybercom Operations Center account is a V1 account I will need to create a case on your behalf with the Accounts team. Once you confirm it is indeed this account, I will be able to proceed.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions please also let us know.

Also as a gentle reminder only account owners can request and complete account deletions.


i dont mean 1901235 (Cybercom Partner Master) because its our main account! There should be 2189965 which is “master account” for 2174926 S Group_1.


Hi @sd13

I am going to get a case created for you with our Accounts team. They will be to review this in more details off the fourm.

You will get an email from them shortly…so keep an eye on your mailbox!


i got this link in to mail but case seems to be totally empty.



Can you please delete my account ? After logging in, it seems that I am not able to access any kind of account profile or settings in order to do it myself. The only thing I see is this:

Hey there @anon74659504,

Welcome to the community!

I see that your email is part of a New Relic One organization that does not have any accounts reporting to it, which is why you are seeing this after logging in and are unable to delete anything. If you are wanting to have all of your data removed we can help with that, just let us know so we can get you in the right direction. We hope to hear from you soon, have a great day!


Thanks for getting back! Please remove all the data linked to this account.


Hi @anon74659504

Thanks for reaching back out.

I have gone ahead and created a case on your behalf with the accounts team, to help with the deletion in this case. Please note they will reach out via email soon.

Should you have additional questions please do reach out!