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Account to use API



currently I’m using free subscription to monitor my websites with synthetics lite with ping tests.
I want to use API to script new monitor creation instead of using web interface.
what is the right subscription I need to buy?
I need only synthetics for ping tests.



Hey @tortuegeniale69 - You’ll need a Synthetics Pro subscription in order to use the API. That will come with additional advanced checks like Simple Browsers / Scripted Browsers / API Test monitors. Though you’ll also still have access to Ping Monitors.


Let me know if you’d like to talk to one of our Account Reps with regard to costs involved there! I can help get you connected.


Ok I see.
And how much is it ?


@tortuegeniale69 - I’m not 100% sure on those costs. I’m going to work on getting an Account Rep to reach out to you. They’ll have the most accurate info on costs for you :slight_smile:


Ok many thanks for your feedback


No problem! Let me know if you don’t hear back in the next few days. :slight_smile:


@RyanVeitch no news from account rep…if you have more details?


Hey @tortuegeniale69 - It’s possible your account rep has been on vacation this week as I have yet to hear from them too. Let me chat to some more people to get you some help. :slight_smile: