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Add custom event as an addition to an existing insights chart




I have a timeseries chart in insights (of synthetics data) that I’d like to add custom event data to.
I know APM has deployments - which is essentially what I’m trying to replicate.
Anyone managed to use NRQL magic to create something similar?


Hi @bevan - There isn’t really a way to provide a marker like the deployment markers. It has been requested as a feature so pop over and add your vote if you haven’t.


Voted! Thanks @stefan_garnham.
In the same way then, no way of showing two data series on the same insight chart? Showing the deployment detail in the same dashboard is good enough in the short term, but I’d love to have correlated data in the same chart.


I think we will need some examples to be able to give a definitive reply.


You can combine these two things on the same chart.

SELECT count(*) from SyntheticCheck, Transaction facet Application, appName limit 1000 TIMESERIES AUTO


Thanks @6MM,

I’m trying to pull 2 metrics (say average duration and count) from 2 categories (say SyntheticCheck and SyntheticRequest).

So i see the relationship of response times to the error count.


SELECT average(duration), count(*) from SyntheticCheck, SyntheticRequest facet eventtype()


This works, and you can obviously use custom data as an eventtype facet. Can’t get it over a timeseries which was my goal.

I guess I’ll have to wait for the feature request.

Appreciate your help.



You could try a filter query that will let you timeseries…

SELECT filter(average(duration), where monitorId = 'MONITOR_ID') AS 'Duration', filter(count(*), where monitorId = 'MONITOR_ID') AS 'Count' from SyntheticCheck, SyntheticRequest TIMESERIES

Let us know if that helps ^^


Legend @RyanVeitch !
I struggled with the filters as it kept bringing back totals (from both event types). This is the nrql that answers my original question:
SELECT filter(average(duration)/1000, where monitorName = ‘Test Homepage’) AS ‘Duration’, filter(count(*), where detail_1 like ‘Build%’) AS ‘Count’ from SyntheticCheck,EcommDeployment TIMESERIES since 1 week ago

This allows us to map any deployments (which we create as custom events) onto the script response times.

The key was having something unique in the custom event (here it’s the build version as the detail_1 field) that will exist only within the ‘ecomm deployment’ event.

Thanks also to @6mm and @stefan_garnham.


@bevan Happy to help :smiley:


Always help where I can.