Add metadata to crash reports (e.g. user's ID in our database)

It would be EXTREMELY useful to automatically attach the user is session’s ID to any crash reports, as we closely engage with our user base, and instead of me having to track down the user via their iOS version and device (which is all the unique identifying information the crash reports have), I’d love to just know straight away WHO crashed in order to give them a call.

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Hey @josh2,
I have logged a feature request on your behalf for this functionality to be considered for a future release of the mobile agents.

Hey @KarlC and @josh2

I would like to up vote this request! We would also find this useful. thanks!

I’ve added your up vote, @cbartel!

Hey @KarlC and @josh2 I would also like to up vote this feature

Hey @westelon, I’ve logged your interest with our product management team :slight_smile:

+1. Up voting! Thanks

Thanks for your +1 upvote, @nmayafit! Adding a feature request for you now.

Hi again, all! I added a feature request for you, @nmayafit but I also wanted to include this update: There is a workaround/option in order to view metadata for crash reports.

You can create custom attributes and events in order to see the data you need, however, it won’t show up directly in the crash report UI. This is an Insights feature so you will be able to query the data and view it in Insights. I’ll link to these instructions below:

Even though the metadata gathered thru custom attributes will only be available by querying your data in Insights (not in the crash report UI) it solves the problem of not being able to see related session IDs, etc.

I also want to say that adding this type of data in the crash report UI is actively being prioritized and worked on. :tada: And all the requests in this thread have been passed along to the product team.


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As @Linds said, we are working now to put the session’s custom attributes into the crash details UI page. If you’d like to see a demo or would like to check it out before it’s generally available, please let me know!

Has this implementation been completed yet?

Hey @jmorrow , yep this functionality was introduced with Crash Analysis. When viewing crash details the Attributes will be listed on the right side including Custom. You can also check out this post for a few tips and tricks.

Here are a few custom attribute examples to help get started. Additional custom Event and Attribute information can be found in the mobile API docs for both iOS and Android.

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