Add timestamp to URL for basic Synthetics ping check

I know I can do this with a scripted Synthetic check, but is it possible to add a timestamp to the ping check as a query-string parameter. Maybe, something like this ?timestamp=${timestamp}. The reason for doing this is bring up an un-cached version of the site with each request. If there is another way to do this, please let me know. Thanks

Hey @tom.kowalski - I’m pretty sure that each new Synthetics check is run in a new docker container with no cache brought in from the previous run… that may only be advanced checks though, Ping may be different. Though as far as I know there is no cache there either.

Regardless of that though, ping monitors will hit whatever URL you supply it with, if you add the query parameters for timestamp (and your site supports that), then Synthetics will ping that URL.

Thank you. I was trying to avoid the cache from my CDN. This is why I wanted to dynamically create a new URL using the timestamp for each ping. However, as a work around I made a separate “status” page on my site and then explicitly disabled caching for that specific page on my CDN.

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Thanks for the extra context, and for detailing your workaround with an extra status page @tom.kowalski :slight_smile: