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AddCustomParameter does not work for .Net Agent 6.25.0



Not sure if it is an issue with NRQL or the agent.
AddCustomParameter is deprecated in the new agents. Would it be available in 6.XX?

SELECT * from Transaction where who is not null since 1 week ago - only gives me transactions that have errors


@hfutloo -

AddCustomParameter is available in agent versions 6.xx.

One thing is it won’t work if it’s called outside of a transaction.

I’d recommend changing the agent log level in newrelic.config to “debug” or “finest” during a time you are making that call and see if useful messages concerning that call are surfaced in agent logs. Those would be in the logs directory of the agent installation and prefixed with newrelic_agent.


Thank you for your reply. My apologies I was asking if AddCustomAttribute would be available in 6.X.X ?
I will do the changes and provide you with the logs.


@hfutloo -

Oh, sorry for my misunderstanding - AddCustomAttribute is not available in 6.x.

Just as an explanation, the implementation of the api methods is not in the api dll itself - the api dll contains stub implementations - they doing nothing really.

The actual implementation of the api methods resides in the agent. So you probably could use the 8.27 api dll with a 6.x agent but unsupported api calls within the agent, such as AddCustomAttribute will just be no-ops.