Adding credit card


I’m trying to add my credit card because I have almost used up the 100gb free per month.
But when I add my credit card, why does it seem like its pushing me to go to standard plan.
I want to add my credit card and stay in free tier.

Thank you.

Hi @devops344 - Thank you for posting in our Explorers Hub!

If you’ve exceeded your 100GB of free data for the month, simply follow the prompts to add your credit card information to regain access to the New Relic One UI to continue visualizing, troubleshooting, and analyzing your stack. Upon doing so, you’ll only pay for what you use above your free tier limit each month.

I have attached this helpful post that goes through our Free Tier 100GB limit in more detail: New Relic One Free Tier - FAQ. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

hello @ghoran, thank you for responding.

As I said, I am able to add the credit card but when I do, it is pushing me to standard.
I want to add my credit card AND stay in free tier.

Thank you

Hi @devops344 - I have opened a case on your behalf to allow us to investigate this further. One of our support agents will reach out shortly via email. Thank you!


Exact same problem here. I cannot enter a credit card number while on the Free plan, it just allows me to select another plan. Can you open a case so I can add a credit card number?

Hello New Relic team, it is now 2 months past february and the site still does not allow adding of a credit card to the free plan. Can someone please resolve this bug.

Hi @it1267 @devops344

So happy to see both of your first posts in the community, a big welcome to you both! I hope you are doing well today!

So sorry to hear you are both experiencing this issue. I have gone ahead and created separate cases for support, with the accounts team. They will reach out via email with their findings.

Should you have any further questions or updates relating to this please let us know!

Hi @dcody, I am also experiencing the same problem.