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Adding more data to web transaction


I would like to capture the transaction name by parameter in the body.

I have a web transaction url /application POST that is used to submittal account opening Application. We have different action names such as “STEP1”, “STEP2” , “STEP3” in the body if request. I would like to capture the action name in the transaction name. How do i do it?

Also, I want to add more data like outcome of application to the transaction. How can I do it?


Hi, @Anant.Sajnani: Several of the New Relic language agents support custom transaction naming; the method is different for each language. For example, here are the methods available to specify the transaction name in Java: You may use this technique to add “Step1”, “Step2”, etc. to the transaction name.

You may also record custom attributes for a transaction, such as the transaction result, using one of the methods described here: The attributes will be visible in APM transaction and error traces, and as part of the Transaction event in Insights.


Thanks for the quick response.