Adding new NPM package to custom visualization

I’m trying to add package for my custom visualization but I’m getting an error page when trying to view it

I could see that package.json has been updated with the package.

const options = [
                { value: 'chocolate', label: 'Chocolate' },
                { value: 'strawberry', label: 'Strawberry' },
                { value: 'vanilla', label: 'Vanilla' }
              return (
                <Select options={options} />

                // <RadarChart
                //   width={width}
                //   height={height}
                //   data={transformedData}
                // >
                //   <PolarGrid />
                //   <PolarAngleAxis dataKey="name" />
                //   <PolarRadiusAxis tickFormatter={this.formatTick} />
                //   <Radar
                //     dataKey="value"
                //     stroke={stroke || '#FFFFFF'}
                //     fill={fill || '#51C9B7'}
                //     fillOpacity={0.6}
                //   />
                // </RadarChart>

Hi @nrvikram19 :wave:

Sorry for the long delay, but I’d be happy to help troubleshoot this a bit with you if you’re still working with custom visualizations. The team I work on built this interface, so we’re pretty familiar with it. You should be able to add an NPM package.

Could you share a source code repo on GitHub or the like so I can have a look? Or perhaps just fill me in with the problem you’re facing with custom visualizations now.

In case it’s helpful, here’s our getting started guide also:

And feel free to use the tag #customvisualizations :smiley: It’s a new tag, but we’ll be monitoring it regularly: Topics tagged customvisualizations

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