Adding private Slack channels in Applied Intelligence workflow

In the above screen shot when I select a channel for sending my issue alerts in workflow, I only have option to choose public channels .

Is there a what to select private slack channels ?

Hey @nevin.sunny,

Thanks for writing in. You should be able to private channels. See our docs below

Note that, for privacy reasons, users need to be authenticated once to select private channels.

Can you confirm the above? I look forward to hearing from you.

I have already authenticated my self

That is why I am not promoted with the warning

when I am configuring the workflow.

@nevin.sunny - If you are authenticated and able to select the private channel you should be able to send a test notification. Do your test notifications succeed?

I was facing the same issue. I had to add the New Relic app to the channel via Channel → Settings → Integrations → Apps → New Relic. After that, I can choose the private channel in the workflow configuration settings.

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Hey @kyle.flanagan,

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We appreciate you reaching out with a work around solution for this issue. Thank you for dropping in and posting to help others. Please let us know if we can help you with anything in the future. I hope you have a great day!