Adding widget to dashboard


I have enabled Oracle Database monitoring integration and want to display the list of tablespaces, their size, used space, etc. I am using the below NRQL query:

SELECT entityName, tablespace.spaceReservedInBytes/(10241024) as ‘Size in MB’, tablespace.spaceConsumedInBytes/(10241024) as ‘Used in MB’, tablespace.spaceUsedPercentage as ‘Used Percentage’ FROM OracleTablespaceSample WHERE provider.ec2Tag_Name = ‘WCIS-DB-SIT-EAST-1a’ and entityName like ‘ora-tablespace:SYS%’

I have below problems with the output:

  1. This is showing multiple rows for each tablespace. How can list one row per tablespace? When I add FACET entityName, the query doesn’t show any data.

  2. The tablespace name is displayed as ‘ora-tablespace:SYSTEM’. Is there a way to substring that to show just the tablespace name?

  3. The size info doesn’t seem to be correct. It returns the following:

But, when I look into the DB, the actual size and used space are different. Can you point out to me where I am making mistake in the NRQL query?

  1. How do I modify the widget size on the dashboard?

I would greatly appreciate the help!!