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ADFS / SSO Lockout, unable to log in



Our Cert in ADFS Rolled over and we are unable to access New Relic. We have already updated all of our other SAS providers so we can’t roll back.

We are unable to login to our account to open a ticket. How do we go about getting support?


Hi Jason! @jason.daly1 - You came to the right place. I have passed your conundrum along to our SSO experts to see what can be done about this. Hang tight while they look into this for you! In the meantime, if any progress is made on your end, feel free to post updates! :blush:


Hi @jason.daly1. I will be creating a ticket for you for Support to reach out to you as we will need to disable SAML in order for you to update your SAML cert. We will be in touch soon.


Support has reached out to me. Thanks!