Admin privileges error while trying to change subscription

I have an error message in my APM panel:
" You’re over the monthly free allowance of 1 user. Please add your credit card. You’re only charged if you go over your free allowance each month."

If I try to open the subscription page, I receive this other error message:

“You don’t have admin privileges or this account isn’t authorized to manage billing. To make changes to your account, contact your administrator or New Relic representative.”

I’m using the only user linked to this account and I’m an owner.
Thank you for supporting me.

Hi @helmetds, welcome to the Explorers Hub. I have reached out to our account team to assist you with this issue. They will follow up shortly by email.

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I am having this exact same error. How do I get this resolved?

@creston.jamison I will also connect you with our account team. You should get an email from them soon.

Same here… can someone reach out to me?

Hi @psheats, no problem at all! I’ve done the same for you and our team will be in touch shortly.

I have this problem as well. Can someone reach out to me? Account: 954773

Hi @sarah3, no problem! I have created a support ticket for you and our team will reach out shortly by email.