Adobe RoboHelp Static HTML files activating New Relic JavaScript snippet

Instead of Google Analytics script, I’m wanting to replace with the NewRelic JavaScript snippet. I’m having no luck in getting notification when sub pages are loaded. The RoboHelp uses the initial index.htm page, then the URL of …/index.htm#t=subtopic.htm as it navigates the help file tree. The NewRelic JavaScript snippets executes when added to the index.htm but not when any subtopic page is loaded. Any ideas?

Hi @Dan.Shoop!

To make sure I understand your question, are you monitoring an application with the browser agent, looking for BrowserInteraction data for …/index.htm#t=subtopic.htm and not seeing it being captured as a route change, not at all, other?

Do you have any links to your application or screen shots to show what is happening?

I’m not familiar with how RoboHelp’s templates use a head manager (or install scripts), though is the application url’s publicly accessible? I’d be happy to take a look at the installation.

Thank you!

@cfrankenfield Correct, looking for BrowserInteraction data for …/index.htm#t=subtopic.htm and not seeing it being captured as a route change.

The ‘…/index.htm’ remains the same, just the #t=subtopic.htm changes by clicking the navigation links. Using Google’s Tag Manager, I am able to track link clicks, but the goal is to have 1 platform, NewRelic.

@Dan.Shoop thanks for the quick response here! To make sure a route change is being captured as part of BrowserInteraction data, do you know if your application has one of the following happening, see documentation below:

  • The URL hash changes (usually using window.location.hash ).
  • A popstate event fires during a callback associated with an interaction.
  • A pushState or replaceState API is called.

Thanks again!

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@cfrankenfield Thanks for the link and questions, but how Adobe RoboHelp does this is most likely buried in their JavaScript library files. I have had no luck in querying Adobe Community Support with any NewRelic related topics, so I don’t think anyone has tracked topic navigation using NewRelic.

@Dan.Shoop Thank you for responding with that additional information. Sorry to hear that currently it doesn’t look like there is a solution.

During the process of setting up new Browser Application, NewRelic as options for creating Basic, Pro, or Pro+SPA. I had originally chosen the basic instrumenting script, which did not work. However, selecting the Pro+SPA (single page application), that script snippet does track the RoboHelp sub-topic navigation. And, we did not have to upgrade RoboHelp version, where we are currently using 2017. The script snippet just needs to be included in the main index.htm file.

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