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Agent Install Error


Working on my first agent install on heroku and node.js and hit an error I can’t get around. Any suggestions?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\DesignTime\CommonConfiguration\Neutral\ucrt.props : error MSB4025: The project file could not be loaded. Root element is missing. [C:\Users


Hi Dan,

The errors you are seeing look to be centered around the installation of the New Relic Node native metrics module. Generally this type of trouble is seen when a compiler (such as node-gyp ) is not found on the machine where this is being deployed.

The Native metrics module will attempt to install automatically in our most recent versions of the agent but errors installing should not interrupt the installation of the language agent itself. With a compiler in place you should no longer see the installation error.


Thanks - I do have Visual Studio installed and just tried the node-gyp install. No such luck on removing the error. Good news is I just ignored it and things installed just fine.


Great to hear that things are working as expected now, @dan5! Thanks for checking in—please let us know if you need anything else.


It there a solution to prevent the attempt of installing with node-gyp? ie. possibility to instruct npm installing native_metrics using binary instead


Hi @griffith.tchenpan, if you meet these requirements you can try installing with the following command:

npm install --loglevel=silly @newrelic/native-metrics --no-download

Let me know the output of the log if it fails :slight_smile: