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Agent keeps disconnecting with error 409



On a series of deployed apps across different regions we see the new relic agent working and all of the sudden our dashboards have no data. On further investigation it seems like the agent is restarting trying to send data, getting an error and restarting again.

Node version is 10.15.3
New relic package is version: 4.13.0

The error we can see on the logs is:
{“v”:0,“level”:50,“name”:“newrelic”,“hostname”:“7eeb24c1066f”,“pid”:27,“time”:“2019-11-04T19:54:48.706Z”,“msg”:“Agent endpoint analytic_event_data returned 409 status. Restarting.”,“component”:“collector_api”}
{“v”:0,“level”:30,“name”:“newrelic”,“hostname”:“7eeb24c1066f”,“pid”:27,“time”:“2019-11-04T19:54:49.158Z”,“msg”:“Disconnected from New Relic; clearing run ID BdW8DiamST1bABKWthVSurBdv-kIAAgBACdHIQEAAAAbAgQQs9g0fuskwQZvBWDK7yqMs0xuZbTq9seYLdQb6oYuEY4uliYDAAY0LjEzLjAADDdlZWIyNGMxMDY2ZgAeU1RBRy1FVS1TRVJWSUNFLVBBU1NXT1JELVJFU0VU.”,“component”:“collector_api”}

So again and to clarify, after deployment we see data on our dashboards, after a few days the agent fails and no more data is arriving to our dashboards.


Hey @adrian.gesto,

It looks like you’re running a version of our Agent that was effected by a connectivity bug that we’ve since fixed.

This post was created to inform on the details:

The fix was released in version 4.13.1 of the Node Agent. As well as any version at 5.3.0 and above.

Please let us know if you’re still encountering any issues after upgrading your Agent.


– Sara


Hey @sschultz,

We are working together with @adrian.gesto, on the same issue. Event after update to 6th version we are still encountering the problem with restarting agent while trying to send data. The error is same:

{“v”:0,“level”:50,“name”:“newrelic”,“hostname”:“4ccff6e721ec”,“pid”:25,“time”:“2019-11-20T20:06:02.768Z”,“msg”:“Agent endpoint metric_data returned 409 status. Restarting.”,“component”:“collector_api”}
{“v”:0,“level”:30,“name”:“newrelic”,“hostname”:“4ccff6e721ec”,“pid”:25,“time”:“2019-11-20T20:06:03.331Z”,“msg”:“Disconnected from New Relic; clearing run ID BcP_wzOYyBDLABKWthbGWmZd1EsoAAgBACdHIQEAAAAZAgQRAA8kTM_25yHsB4mCsU_8jey4Fn4h-tB1MTYZM4Zglf4PRlsDAAY0LjEzLjAADDRjY2ZmNmU3MjFlYwAeUFJPRC1KUC1TRVJWSUNFLVBBU1NXT1JELVJFU0VU.”,“component”:“collector_api”}

Any ideas what might be wrong.


That error looks like the same as the solution shared by Kyle here: