Agent labels for service entities are now automatically managed!

You can now enable new tags for APM data by adding them as labels in the agent configuration. These new tags are then displayed in the Entity UI along with any other defined tag for that service. If you wanted to remove one of these tags, you were expected to manually delete them from the UI, as removing the labels in the agent configuration doesn’t have any effect. Until now…

We are releasing some changes to improve the customer experience for tag management. Agent config’s labels will keep being promoted to tags. However, on every new agent connection, new tags will be updated reflecting the config defined in the agent configuration file. Additionally, as those updates are going to be automatic, these particular tags will not need to be manually deleted. For any change you want to make on the agent labels, you can simply make it on the configuration file, restart the agent, and you’re done!

Example: Service:apm-services-test-app (staging.stg-fancy-chicken)

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