Agent Updated - Not show correct info

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1 cores
Intel Xeon

Linux 3.14.44-32.39.amzn1.x86_64

New Relic agent

Version that shows on WebSite and i have 16 cores on this server


Installed Version

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Hi @tech6, would you mind linking to the server’d NR overview page? Links to your New Relic account are only accessible to NR staff and users already on the account, so they are safe to post. and example of updated agent and shows old version.


Thank you for sending over this link so that we can take a look at the Server Monitor. We have opened a ticket for you to discuss this further. It looks like you may be experiencing the issue outlined on this doc: CPU and Version settings do not update.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing the ticket, you should have received an email.

Ok i´ll do this process, but the problem occurs with a new server that are added to monitor.

Hey there @tech6! I saw your conversation via support ticket with @Fidelicatessen about clearing caches on our end.

Per your reply above: do you mean that you do want us to go ahead with the process we have for this known issue? I have also looped in the Support Engineer you were working with to make sure that this could be happening when a new server is added as well.

Let us know either in this thread, or in your ticket and we will move forward! Thanks!