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Agent version migration causes memory exhaustion



We migrate the Java agent from version 3.30.0 to version 4.5.0.
After some days the application is running we notice that memory (Old heap) allways grows and the GC do not clean all the objects.
After doing a memory dump and open it with Visual VM we see that between the most consumption objecs, many were NewRelic instances

After downgrade the version back to 3.30.0, the memory problems disapears completely

Here you can see the difference between versions (the version downgrade was applied at Oct 19)

A detail, betweens agent version we do not change the conf file. This file contains:

common: &default_settings
license_key: ‘XXXXXXXXXXXX’
enable_auto_app_naming: false
enable_auto_transaction_naming: true
enable_custom_tracing: true
app_name: XXXXX
log_level: info
ssl: false
capture_params: false
enabled: true
transaction_threshold: apdex_f
record_sql: obfuscated
log_sql: false
stack_trace_threshold: 0.5
explain_enabled: true
explain_threshold: 0.5
enabled: true
ignore_errors: java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException
ignore_status_codes: 404
enabled: true
auto_instrument: true
enabled: true
<<: *default_settings
<<: *default_settings
app_name: XXXX (BETA)
license_key: ‘XXXXXXXX’

Any idea the reason of the memory problem?
Our application is using the 3.30.0 version for several days and the memory is stable.

Hope you can help us


Hi @fernando.giannetti,

To further investigate this issue. Kindly send us a permalink to the affected application? To create a permalink to any page within the New Relic APM UI, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Permalink’ - all the way on the right next to ‘Kiosk Mode. I’d like to get the permalink to look at some metrics from your app and to determine what underlining components are being utilized.



Hi @bidahor!
Sorry the delay of the response. I never get the email :slight_smile:
This is the permalink that compares both agent versions (the image of the original post). Hope be helpfull.[end]=1540223128&tw[start]=1539618328



Hi @fernando.giannetti,

Thank you for sharing the permalink. While investigating this memory exhaustion issue, I noticed you have an older agent(v3.48.0) with Play 2.5.18 running on the app. First, I would suggest an agent upgrade to v4.8.0 on this app . Lets give that a try and see if that improves things on your end.



Thanks for your answer @bidahor!
Im using this older agent (v3.48.0) after rollback the v4.5.0 because the memory exhaustion.
I will try the 4.8.0 like you say.
Will see what happen :slight_smile:



Hi @fernando.giannetti - I’m glad you got a good suggestion from @bidahor. Let us know when you find out if that worked or not so that other will also know how to resolve this issue.


Using the 4.9.0 version, the issue is still there.[end]=1547037946&tw[start]=1546994746
(ignore the red zone is a testing load. The Old heap still grows all the time)



Hi @fernando.giannetti,

Thank you for the update. I’ll need some other information(e.g logs and heap dumps) to further investigate this issue. I will open an internal ticket with Support for us to continue investigating this memory exhaustion issue.



This issue is fixed using the 4.10.0 version of the agent.
Thank you very much for all your help!


Hello again :slight_smile:
After more than a week the memory problem is back.
You can see it in the permalink[end]=1550237460&tw[start]=1549632660#id=176520785



Hi @fernando.giannetti,

I have opened a follow-up to your internal ticket to continue troubleshooting.