AIX Paging Space alert needed

We are monitoring AIX servers in New Relic, we have memory alert created through NRQL, we wanted to create AIX Paging space alerts, but we could able to find the metrics for it.

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There was a similarly related issue.
Please refer to the earlier discussion:

In the Infrastructure UI, you can create a host metric alert condition based on bytes of swap memory used:

To create a condition based on percentage, you would have to use a NRQL alert condition , and calculate the percentage yourself:

SELECT (swapUsedBytes / swapTotalBytes) AS 'Swap percent' 
FROM SystemSample

I hope this helps.

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Actually I tried with SystemSample but AIX system weren’t appearing then I used below query to resolved it. AIX systems is appearing only with UnixMonitor:Stats

SELECT latest( (swap.used/ )*100) AS ‘Swap used’ FROM unixMonitor:Stats where osName=‘aix’ FACET fullHostname


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@tpaul1, The issue is resolved now

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