Ajax & Js errors tabs empty. Browser apm don't save ajax|error data

Around 5 days ago all working correct my application had many errors, but now errors and ajax tabs its not working (triggered errors don’t showing). Insights log work correctly and other functions ok, only js errors and ajax has trouble. (P.S. very old errors exist if filter more 2 weeks, but new don’t come)

I am create new example with empty logic, only newrelic new browser app (fe-test) inside html, and try trigger window.newrelic.noticeError(new Error(‘test’));

But still see empty errors for new app too (ajax tab not working too)


I am have another not corporated newrelic account, and when i am using browser code from this account, js error and ajax comming correctly. Trouble in some account settings i think.

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Found difference in response from newrelic init call

NREUM.setToken({'stn':0,'err':0,'ins':1,'cap':0,'spa':1}) // not working error (err: 0)
NREUM.setToken({'stn':0,'err':1,'ins':1,'cap':0,'spa':1}) // working example in pet project account

Mb someone know where i can set err: 1 ?

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@i.postol Thanks for the great questions here! To dig into this further, do you have a link to your browser application(s) that you can share?

To clarify, are you saying the UI for both JavaScript Error data and Ajax Request data is blank or are you seeing a different message? Could you include a screen shot of what you are seeing?

Do you see Network traffic to the browser endpoints still running in the tests you’ve been trying? Please see post here that outlines endpoints for JavaScript errors and Ajax Request data.

What are the differences between the two applications (one working and one not working) from your tests? Are you able to share a link to those apps so I can check the data? Thank you again!

https://one.nr/0Z2R5N7yLjb - corporate account “Application 1” (not working ajax + error) very big user traffic
https://one.nr/0JBQrqDZ8jZ - my pet project account “Application 2” (all working) traffic not very big

https://prnt.sc/wfykbu - empty
https://prnt.sc/wfyldo - all working

All trafic send correctly, but for application 1 (where not working), errors don’t sends and ajax data don’t sends too. If i manually set NREUM.setToken({‘stn’:0,‘err’:1,‘ins’:1,‘cap’:0,‘spa’:1}) all data starting collect correctly.

“Application 1” has APM Pro Annual (4 host)
“Application 2” has free plan

Question why Application 1 (payed applicaiton) get response from newrelic init as NREUM.setToken({‘stn’:0,‘err’:0,‘ins’:1,‘cap’:0,‘spa’:1}), with option no save error as i understand

“Application 1” working correct some time, but without any changes in settings from my side, errors and ajax stoped saving (NREUM.setToken({‘stn’:0,‘err’:0,‘ins’:1,‘cap’:0,‘spa’:1}) start return in response, before i think err: 1 was returned)

From today morning all start working correctly.
Newrelic team did do something?

Hi @i.postol, great to hear! Our team are constantly rolling out updates and patches so it is likely one of these may have come into effect here. Let us know if anything changes and we can take another look!

@i.postol Thank you for the update here and to add more context, our engineers had identified an issue, which a fix was released a few days ago to resolve missing Ajax Requests and JavaScript Error data. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so we could prioritize it with product and engineering teams!

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