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Akka HTTP 10.0.7 with New relic




I’m using Akka HTTP 10.0.7 with New relic and having issues setting it up (new to new relic). I’m using sbt-newrelic sbt plugin ( I set up everything but on my trial account it says: Still waiting for data from your application. Here’s my build.sbt part:

newrelicLicenseKey := Some("<license_key>")
newrelicAppName := “sx-rmq-api-local”
newrelicVersion := “3.43.0”
newrelicCustomTracing := true
newrelicIncludeApi := true

And here is plugins.sbt part:

addSbtPlugin(“com.typesafe.sbt” % “sbt-native-packager” % “1.2.0”)
addSbtPlugin(“com.gilt.sbt” % “sbt-newrelic” % “0.2.2”)

Did anyone encounter similar issue?




Hi there @amer.zildzic -

The unfortunate answer is - we don’t support Akka 10 yet. There is a feature idea for this that you can lend your voice to:

If you can add any particular use cases or notes, we will also send those to the product team.


Thanks for answer. When we can except it to be added?


Hi there @amer.zildzic - We do not have any timelines that I can report on.


Seems like akka-http 10.0.+ is supported with newrelic 3.46.0, but it doesn’t support akka-http 10.1.+ yet. Does higher version of newrelic support akka-http 10.1.+ ?


Hi @qi1 -

Unfortunately, 10.1 is not yet officially supported. That said, it may work with the agent - we just haven’t tested it to be sure and to understand any issues. Have you tried it with the latest version of the agent?


Thanks @hross for quick response. I saw later in 4.4.0 release notes it started to support Akka-http 10.1.+


Thank you so much! I will talk with our documentation team about updating the page that list only 10!