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Alert Condition Details in Notifications


Our operations center uses an industry standard operations console software based on a standard ticketing system. To properly manage our alerts, we need to provide equivalents to the following. The easiest type of alerts to see this in would be infrastructure, though, APM would also need to fall into this mode as much as possible.


  • Parameter <FileSystemUsed%>
    – Instance </software or /opt, etc>
    — Alert Criticality
    — Value of instance

Now, we can get by without Value of instance, but, the other are critical to work flows. The challenge is the messages coming out are in the format of:

  • server (instance) as one json value
  • Criticality is always critical

Is there a way to get server, parameter, and instance as separate json pairs?


Hey @tim.davis - We have a few open feature ideas for more configurability with adjustable payloads - right now we just have the adjustments possible in Webhooks:

I don’t know if that helps you accomplish your goal - but I’ll add your +1 internally for a more configurable notification option.


So far, the available options do not work. I keep searching, but, I think the questions around the ‘array’ are key to my challenges as well.


Understood @tim.davis - the feature idea is there to try get better solutions for this built in. No timeline, but that is in front of the right people.