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Alert condition



I’m looking for a way to create an alert that monitors a APM and notify me. Tried a lot of different ways but can’t figure it out.

I think it can look at Non-web transaction time.

Hope one of you experts can help :slight_smile:

Br Rickie



Hi @rigr - The documentation states that non-web transactions are omitted from the Apdex score. However, you could set up a NRQL alert using the apdex function and filter on transactionType = ‘other’ as a workaround.


Hey @rigr, Let us know if the above solution works for you :slight_smile:


Hi! Sorry haven’t been able to look at it yet but I’m not sure on how to use an NRQL alert for this

Br Rickie


Hello @rigr, you could use a query like this for the NRQL alert condition using transactionType and apdex:

SELECT apdex(duration, t: 0.08) FROM Transaction  WHERE transactionType = 'Other' AND appId = 12345678

Hope that helps!


Hi! Thx for your answer. Great, but how do I do it exactly? I’m not so great in this. How can I find the transactiontype and appid in APM?



Hey @rigr,

No worries.
To create a NRQL alert, refer:

Select Transaction type : Other for Non Web transactions

You can find the AppID from the url of the application ({AccountID}/applications/{AppID} )


Hi Zahrasiddiqa,

Thx again. But why isn’t it showing data? I want it to alert me if there haven’t been any transaction (database) for 15 min.

What does apdex(duration, t: 0.08 do?


Hey @rigr,

I was reviewing this query on your account and it doesn’t look like that appId exists.

Would you be able to create a permalink to the app you are trying to set this alert up on? To create a permalink to any page within the New Relic user interface, scroll to the bottom and click Permalink ∞ all the way on the right next to Kiosk Mode. This will show us the exact page and time period that you are observing.




Thank you. Here is a Permaling to the APM ( :slight_smile:[end]=1573804174&tw[start]=1573802374

Br Rickie


Hi @rigr, Thanks for sending the permalink. Here, appId = '285753918':slight_smile: