Alert conditions not working


I have setup several alerts in New Relic to warn us if our Acquia CPU Utilization reaches a certain threshold, but they don’t seem to be working and might need some proper adjustments.

Today I noticed that one of our web servers in hit 90% at 5:38pm and 94% at 5:58pm, we currently have a cron job running, which might explain the spike, but I was expecting to get an alert for it.

Below are screenshots from Acquia and New Relic as well as the Policies I put in place. Can someone please help me correct me my policies so they can be effective?
These are reports for the past hour alone.

Acquia CPU Usage:

New Relic CPU and Memory usage report:

Policy screenshot:

We’ve had several DDOS attacks early this year that rendered maxed our CPU usage at 100% for an hour. How can I properly make an alert for that? When that happened, it was only one or two of our servers that was maxed out. The policies don’t let me choose which web server to make an alert for though.

Appreciate any help!

Hi, @kevin.ting: The data you see in the New Relic CPU and Memory usage table is reported by the PHP agent; it reflects only the CPU and memory used by your application, not the overall CPU and memory used on the host. I suspect that Acquia shows you the overall host usage.

Unless Acquia provides a way for you to get its host metrics into New Relic, such as an API you can query for the data, I don’t think you will be able to create an alert condition to monitor the overall CPU and memory usage on their hosts.

Hi Phil,

By application did you mean New Relic?
Yes, it’s the CPU usage on the host I want to create alerts for. I’ll reach out to Acquia for this.

Thank you!

By “application”, I mean your application that the PHP agent is monitoring.