Alert conditions/violation not displayed under APM

I’ve been testing out NRQL and I’ve setup an alert policy which can be seen here;

In the preview chart I can also see that the violation is kicking in.

However it’s not appearing in the APM:

nor do I get any email notification, which is setup as notification channel for this policy.

I guess I need to somehow “connect” this NRQL alert policy to the specific Application I’m setting this up for. Is there a way to do that?

Would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this one.

Best regards Markus

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Hi @markus.johansson,

However it’s (alert) not appearing in the APM:

NRQL alerts will not show on the APM overview page as the alert condition is not based on existing metrics/charts but rather a custom NRQL query.

You would have to create APM metrics alert conditions to see them on the APM overview page.

nor do I get any email notification, which is setup as notification channel for this policy.

If you could send a link to the alert condition, I’ll. take a look. Make sure you have the incident preference set correctly: Relic Solution: Alert Incident Preferences are the Key to Consistent Alert Notifications

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Hi @zahrasiddiqa. Thanks for replying.

here is the link to the condition in question:

regarding the Incident Preference - I have it set to By Condition and Entity, since I want to be notified of every violation.


Hi @markus.johansson, Looks like there are no email notification channels configured for the policy -

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I thought it would be enough with just User type. However, I added an explicit email channel as well -
Still no notification. I triggered a few of those logs I’m targeting, and as you can see in the preview chart now, they do get picked up:


Oh, hold on. They actually did came through now.
Is there a way to edit the content of that email? I would like to include like a link or similar to be able to see the actual TransactionError logged.

Thats awesome :smile:
Its not possible to edit the content of the email at this time. I can definitely submit a feature request for that. In the meantime, you could, add alert descriptions to see more information about the alerts: Alert descriptions

For what it’s worth… customisable notifications are coming soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From our Alerts product manager:


That is great stuff! :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the help @zahrasiddiqa! :medal_military:
btw, if the notification channel is set for Type User, how will the user in question be notified if not by email? Since the user (me) I selected only has email as contact information, I would assume that would be the channel of choice (?)

I guess I could make use of the Runbook URL field:
At least to provide a url for the transactionError for that particular error.

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Runbook URL could be helpful indeed. I don’t believe that can be auto-set based on the specific error, but if you’re only targeting one error in your condition then yes, you can use that to link off to that transaction error.

As for the User Notification channels… that could go to 2 places. By default it will email you based on the email address you use to login to New Relic.

The User channel also sends Mobile Push notifications - but for that you have to log in to the app on your device. Once you do that you’ll see the mobile device info in your User Preferences page. :slight_smile: