Alert didn't get triggered

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    Here at Goibibo, we have created alerts for time when the web servers were returning more than 100 4xx/5xx for atleast 10 minutes. Yesterday, while we observed that the servers were returning this, the alert wasn’t triggered.

Can you please help me with the debugging please? Let me know if more information is required for it.


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    Alert policy - Pigeon-dev
    Alert Condition - Pigeon 5XX Error Rate for External ALB and Pigeon 5XX Error Rate for Internal ALB. Time frame for this to be checked - 11:50 AM - 12:20 PM (IST)

Helpful Resources
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Hi @Preetika.Shukla

Please provide a link to the alert policy Pigeon-dev so we can take a look at why an alert violation was not opened.


Here you go:


Hi @Preetika.Shukla checking the query in Insights over the last 3 days it looks like the Maximum value returned is 96, are we covering the correct timeframe here? If not could you send a permalink of the correct time, thanks :slight_smile:


Please find the time line when this was being thrown:[end]=1561359237&tw[start]=1561357412


Hi @Preetika.Shukla, i’m still not seeing this in Insights , the timeframe you specified (which links to an application that has no data reporting at that time either) odes not reflect what you are seeing. Could you please provide a NRQL query that covers the correct timeframe and i’d be happy to look into it :slight_smile: