Alert message customization on Slack

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Is there any means I could set up the message displayed on Slack’s incident notifications?

I’m using New Relic Slack plugin and to be more specific, I’d like to use “@channel” or “@here” on the message body whenever there’s an incident notification.


I would need to check to be certain but I believe, in my experimentation with sending notifications to slack, that messages sent via API (which is what we’re doing, under the hood) don’t cause the @channel and @here aliases to work the same way that a user typing in the UI would. This was discovered when I was messing around with a chat bot but that’s been my experience.

Outside of that, customizing the Slack notifications is not something we currently support but we can get you a vote for that feature idea. @RyanVeitch do you know of a topic for that off the top of your head?

@tvaz @parrott

There is some special formatting you can do with the API that permits using @here and @channel mentions. Go to Slack’s formatting docs and navigate to “Advanced Formatting > Special Mentions” in the table of contents.

I don’t think our built-in channel integrations allow for customizing the notification, but you could always set up a custom webhook channel to work around that.


I found the Feature Idea poll - please add your vote!

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