Alert notifications does not work

I have setup alert messages which email option and multiple recipients,
Which was working as expected but soon after the migration to new version. the other receipients are not getting email alerts,

Tried to recreate workflow and recreate that valid use. Tried multiple combination but still the other recipient is not able to get the email alert.

The other recipient is also valid user of the new relic

Hi @amit.joshi2 ,

Thank you for reaching out!
Can you please share what error you receive during the test of the email?


There is no error. All the time it says the test email sent successfully.

Unfortunately not delivered to inbox.

We check at our end for inbound restriction and no restrictions applied on email address.


Thank you for your reply.
I would also ask you to check if the email is unsubscribed:
Can you please share the email id? It might be on the suppression list.

I hope it helps!



The email address is ******** which is not receiving any alert email.


Hi @amit.joshi2 ,

Thank you for email id ‘’ . I have checked our database and this email is not on the suppression list.

Can you please check if the email has unsubscribed from new relic: