Alert on Agent/MetricsReported/count not working

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  • I had setup an alert policy with a condition Agent/MetricsReported/count [a total valuer per minute] < 1 for at least 10 mins. But I don’t get the alert even though it’s configured.

  • From the metrics explorer, I found that my alert condition is consistent with my requirement of getting an alert when the app doesn’t report anymore (coz the app might have gone down). I also checked that during the time when my app was down, the metrics explorer showed a drift in the value. But however, the alert doesn’t get triggered.

Note: I know that I can use synthetics monitor to check the heartbeat of the app. But my app can’t have an Inbound from the internet and therefore I would like to use the details that I send to get alerts.

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Hey @danielg2, I’d like to clarify that the APM alert will not trigger if the app goes down as the Alerts system does not have any metrics to evaluate on.

Since you cannot use Synthetics, you could workaround this by setting up a NRQL alert condition. You could use a query like:

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE appName = '[your application name]'

Thanks. Let me try and get back.

Hello @danielg2, Sure. Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: