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Alert only when all locations fail



Our AppDev team has requested that alerts should only be triggered when all locations being tested fail. I tried doing this with a NRQL but it did not alert. Anyone have suggestions?

SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE result = ‘SUCCESS’ ) FROM SyntheticCheck where monitorName = ‘{name of synthetic monitor}’


Hi @hanastasi!

It looks like this post might be helpful in this situation:

Let me know if that works!



I looked at the link and it mentions the need for the Node.js plugin. Is this still needed and if so, which one should I install?


Hi @hanastasi,

To clarify, with NRQL alerting, you shouldn’t need to install any plugin. The following query should work for your situation:

SELECT uniqueCount(location) 
FROM SyntheticCheck 
WHERE result = 'FAILED' AND monitorName = 'My Monitor'

Also, this post covers NRQL alerting for Synthetics a bit more in-depth. Even though the specific query is for alerting on X failures in Y minutes, you might still find it helpful.

Let me know if that helps!


The last link you sent is perfect!! Thank you!


I setup the alert as described in the post but it’s not firing when the condition is met. HELP!!


Hi @hanastasi! I am getting some mixed signals from your last 2 responses—we are happy to help if you need us! Looks like you also have a private ticket going with a Synthetics expert. Have you come to a resolution? Eager to hear an update from you when you do! :blush:


I met with a Tech Eng and got this resolved.


Happy to hear that, @hanastasi! If you learned something you think the rest of the community will benefit from knowing during this process, please share it here! :blush: Always nice to pay the knowledge forward.


This is really useful


Glad to hear that you found @cneff’s post useful! Let us know if you need anything else! :blush: