Alert policies data is required into Excel format

How can I export all Alert policies with conditions including hosts details into the Excel sheet or some readable doc formate? Please help.

@newrelic_support @newrelic.lead Please any way?

Hi @rahul.mishra1 ,

Thank you for posting in the New Relic Community. You can send Alerts notifications to Insights , and export the result of an Insights query to CSV . I have also opened a ticket up for you and one of our support representatives should be contacting you shortly.

The workaround in this post is no longer necessary. New Relic now sends information about alert incidents to NRDB by default: Violation event attributes | New Relic Documentation.

Unfortunately this does not help the original poster: he wants information about alert policies, not incidents, which is not available in NRDB.

@rahul.mishra1, you may use the NerdGraph or REST APIs to export information about alert policies. The APIs return the data in JSON format; you will have to convert it to CSV yourself.