Alert Policy Incident Preference: By condition and signal not working as expected

Hi all,

Attempting to configure alerting to report when a server becomes unresponsive, wanting to raise an incident per violation and send a notification to OpsGenie for ticket management.

Current setup is the following:

  • Three Server Agents ( Ubuntu, 2x Local VMs, 1xEC instance)
    • Note: All three agents are reporting and alerting up/down states when turned off one at a time.
  • One Policy: “Server State”
    • Policy Incident Preference: “By Condition and Signal”
    • Policy Notification Channel: OpsGenie
      • Note: OpsGenie is receiving notifications
  • One Condition: “Infrastructure Host Not Reporting”
    • Alert Type: “Host not reporting”
    • Threshold: 5 Minutes
    • Don’t trigger alerts for hosts that perform a clean shutdown : Unchecked
    • Condition Status: Checked
    • Violation Time Limit: 72 hours

Actions taken:
- Forcibly turn off one of the three test boxes.
- Wait 5 Minutes
Observed an incident has been created with one violation, notification sent to OpsGenie as
- Forcibly turn off one of the remaining two test boxes.
- Wait 5 Minutes
Observed no new incident created, a new violation created against the previous incident, no
notification sent to opsgenie.

Expected Behaviour:
- Expected an Incident to be created per unresponsive server (each with one violation)

My questions are as follows:

  • Is my understanding of how “By Condition and Signal” incorrect?
  • If my understanding is incorrect, is it possible to configure newrelic to achieve this scenario where an incident is created per unresponsive server, preferably without having to configure a condition for each server.

Thanks in advance, DK

Hi @cosive - The configuration you described absolutely should open one alert incident for every server. There is a current issue where Host Not Reporting conditions are not doing this. We are working with urgency to resolve this as soon as possible. I will post here when the fix has been deployed.

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Hi @dkoyano,

Thank you for the response, has there been any movement on this?