Alert + Policy permissions for Heroku App

Hi - I don’t have permissions to create alerts and policies for my New Relic account, which is managed through my Heroku account. I need to setup email alerts for critical issues and errors, but am unable to do so. Please help.

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@mike102 I’ll reach out to our account team to help you with these permissions.

I am in the same position. @JoiConverse please advise

@trazer I’m going to DM to get more information before determining if connecting you with our account team is necessary.

hi there, we are experiencing exactly the same problem (Heroku account + NR Hawke plan), please DM me

Hello there @JoiConverse , we are having the same problem(Heroku account + Hawke plan) and would like to set up policies in order to set up alterts

hi there, we are also experiencing exactly the same problem (Heroku account + NR Hawke plan), please help

@goran.strok @artur16 @tuval1 I’ve reached out to our account team to help you each. You’ll get an email from them soon.

I’m having the same issue setting up alerts in New Relic for our account.

@emily1 Can you confirm that your issue is also related to the Heroku App? There are certain 3rd party parameters that require us to open a ticket for Heroku.

Yeah, the issue I’m having is for our Heroku connected New Relic account(s). We do have an older New Relic account that is not connected through Heroku that does have alerts set up, and we’d like to move everything over to the Heroku managed New Relic. We also have several applications on Heroku that we’d want to be able to configure alerts for, so not sure if each one is considered a separate account that we need to get set up.

@emily1 Thank you for confirming. I have opened a ticket for you also. Expect an email soon :slight_smile:

@JoiConverse Hi, I recently migrated a Heroku app from one private space to another. This also required that I provision a new NewRelic instance, so I would again need to be assigned and Admin role so that I can configure alerts. Could you please raise a ticket so that I can provide you the details?

@goran.strok I have opened the ticket for you on this. Our support account team will assist :slight_smile:

@JoiConverse I can’t create Alerts & AI policies either, in heroku managed account, could you please advise ? Thanks

@stephane11 I’ll ask our support account team to assist you as well. They will be in contact soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @JoiConverse , I have exactly the same problem with alert access rights. May I ask for your assistance please?

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@dejan No problem. I have put in the request for you as well :slight_smile:

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Hi @JoiConverse , I am experiencing the same issue with alerts access rights through Heroku/Newrelic addon. Can you help me dealing with this please?

@j.bernard Our support account team will be in contact soon. Thanks!