Alert Reports generation using Insights

I have been trying to pull alert incident reports from Insights and when I am pulling the results in CSV format the results are coming in Excel with 13 digit Integer.

in which time zone the reports will be generated EST/PST?

Hey @rajeshkumar.avn - The reason you are getting a 13 digit integer is that Timestamps are recorded as epoch time - You can convert that to a human readable time here:

You’ll see that for example, right now it is 9:35am on Friday 29th November, but in Epoch time it is: 1575020139

You’ll be able to find some formula for converting Unix Epoch times to dates in Excel, here’s an example:

Hi Rajesh,

I am looking to pull the incident report, could you please share the steps to generate it. it will help us to who beginner of this monitoring tool.
Thank you

Hi @manju300690, I’m just going to tag @rajeshkumar.avn to try and make sure that they see it and respond.

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