Alert Set up for Kubernetes Jobs

I am running some cron job on Kubernetes cluster .
is there any way to set up the alert on Pod failure ?
How do I set up the alert in case Job did not trigger at all ?


On way to alert possibly would be to set up a process running alert condition. If this process is detected by Infrastructure, this would alert you if the process goes down

Here’s more information on the process running condition.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Paul for responding to this one. This is a batch process (not a continuously running process) which kicks in as per schedule . If I understand correctly , suggestion here will be not be applicable for batch process. Right ? Also I guess hyperlink for “more information” in the message is missing somehow ?

Hi there,

I’ve added back the missing URL. sorry about that.

You are correct that this wouldn’t work for a batch process that isn’t running continually. We do have a kubernetes integration that is coming out of private beta very soon. This may give you some more functionality to setup alerts.


When is the private beta coming . any tentative timelines ? How can we get it ?


I would get in contact with your account representative to get started with that.



Great. Thanks Paul . Just to make sure we are aligned , will private beta give me the ability to set up alerts on cron job failures ?

Hi @rabansa - let me check in with our product team on that. They are based in Europe, so I’m not going to hear for a few days. Hang tight!

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Thanks so much for your patience @rabansa - I checked in with the team and have to report that the beta does not support chron jobs. That said - they have logged your request!

thanks @hross for clarifying this . Please keep me posted if and when NR plans to include this feature.

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Will do - thanks for your understanding @rabansa

@hross follow up question , is there alert feature available around POD failure in private beta?

Hey @rabansa our kubernetes integration (which is now in public beta) does detect unavailable pods through the attribute podsUnavailable. This attribute can be used in an alert condition.

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thanks @avialpando . when we say , it detects unavailable pods , I assume it will not help me for pods which are launched as a result of cron job run . It will make more sense for pods which are supposed to be highly available. Right ?

Hello @rabansa,

You might consider this type of alert for Kubernetes:



Any news in regards to NR K8 infrastructure monitoring of cronjob execution status? I am looking for the same feature as @rabansa was looking for a year ago.

The page is not existing anymore.

Hello @stephan.bertold,

As far as I’m aware, we don’t have anything out yet on cronjob execution status. That being said, you can always make your own integration on this using our Infra SDK:



Thank you for the quick response. I’m looking at sdk.

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Let us know how it goes @stephan.bertold

Hey did this feature ever get released publicly? I’m not seeing it as an option in Alerts.