Alert threshold for Synthetics

Hello Team,
I have created an an alert policy on my “Rest-API” Synthetic. But while creating the alert I do not get option to define the threshold. In the threshold step default is selected with description “A violation occurs whenever a monitor fails a check”.
Is there any way to define custom threshold for Synthetic.

Hi, @achauhan: What kind of threshold do you want to set? Execution time? You could create an NRQL alert condition based on a query like:

SELECT max(duration)
FROM SyntheticCheck
WHERE monitorName = 'Your Monitor'

Thank you Phil,
So currently the violation occurs as soon as the monitor fails, I want configure it such that, the violation should occur if the monitor fails 90% of the time in last 30 mins.

OK, try this NRQL query:

SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE result = 'FAILED')
FROM SyntheticCheck
WHERE monitorName = 'Your Monitor'
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