Alerting on AWS SES Reputation Complaint Score

I’m attempting to migrate an AWS CloudWatch Alert to New Relic. The existing alert in CloudWatch triggers on the Reputation.ComplaintRate. The New Relic documentation on SES monitoring mentions a complaint metric. However, when attempting to create a new alert, I’ve set my data source to SesRegion and I’m able to create alerts against Bounce, Delivery and Send rates, but I’m presented no options to alert on Complaint rates.

Further, while I’ve got the attention of an expert, the Bounce Rate (and also the Complaint Rate) metric in AWS appear to record decimal values between 0 and 1. However, the Bounce Rates that have registered to New Relic all appear to be integer values. How can I translate the partial numbers in AWS to New Relic’s integer-based scale, to recreate alerts at the same thresholds?

Thank you!

@d.duleone Welcome to the community :slight_smile: It looks like you are working with our support team on this issue via a ticket. If you have other support needs please let us know!

Hello, just wondering if you found a resolution to the couple of issues you described. Can you share with the community? Thanks!

As per my last conversation with support, there is no solution. Despite the documentation, this functionality is not actually supported. I’ve been unable to accomplish what was requested, and disappointed with New Relic’s response and resolution of the whole incident. There does not appear to be any meaningful desire from New Relic to actually make this work.

@d.duleone Thank you for sharing the outcome of your ticket. Sorry to hear it wasn’t what you hoped for. I will share your feedback with our team.