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Alerting on custom metrics - wildcard support?



I’m setting up alerts for our ElasticSearch cluster. We’re using the newrelic-elasticsearch plugin. The plugin reports metrics in a hierarchical way, e.g., search query time is reported under:


When setting up alerts, I want to have an aggregate of the metric over all the nodes, e.g., average of the query time for all nodes across the cluster. It doesn’t seem like I can put Component/V1/NodeStats/Indices/Search/QueryTimeInMillis/* as a metric to alert on.

Just want to confirm this, and if possible, any recommendation on what I can do to workaround it?



Hi @kevin.qiu - You may find some useful information from the links on this post.


Sorry, after doing some more digging, this looks like it is a pending feature


Thanks @stefan_garnham. So basically this is a “feature request” that has been on the back burner for almost two years :slight_smile: