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Alerting on trends


I’m trying to see if there is a way to track and alert off trends. For Example: We have an application that spikes above our threshold for 1 minute, then goes back down. It does this 10 times per day but never goes above the threshold for the 5 minutes we have set. Is there a way to capture ALL of the spikes and then alert saying “Application X has spiked 10 times within the past 6 hours”.

This would allow us to see what could be going on before the application actually spikes and stays above the limit for the 5 minute threshold; which could impact user experience. I know we can set an alert for a 1 minute spike but that could end up flooding our inbox with alerts that the helpdesk could end up ignoring since there could be a lot of them.

Any thoughts on if this is possible and how we can achieve this would be appreciated.


Hi, @cnorman: New Relic evaluates each alert condition once per minute; it is not possible to create a condition that says, “Create a violation if the threshold is violated more than X times in 6 hours.”

You can use the workaround described in this post to query the number of times a value has exceeded a threshold in the past 6 hours:

SELECT count(*) 
FROM Transaction 
WHERE appName = 'My Application' 
  AND duration > [threshold] 
SINCE 6 hours ago

and post the result as a custom event, then create an alert condition to tell you if that value exceeds, say, 10.

A simpler approach may be to create a metric baseline alert condition.