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Alerting when estimated disk fill time X hours



Is it possible with NRQL to create an alert which triggers when estimated disk fill up time is less than a specific number of hours?

I can easily create alerts when disk usage is > X%. However, it is one thing to be alerted when a disk is a 90% usage but it is estimated to fill up in 30 days, compared to a disk which is estimated to fill up in ~10 hours.

I would like to create an alert in which if estimated fill time is < 10 hours NewRelic calls Pagerduty. But if not, just sends an e-mail.



@dmoldova this sounds like a great use-case for NRQL Baseline queries. The Infrastructure agent stores all of it’s data in Insights so you can create a NRQL baseline condition for free bytes, percentage, etc. I would suggest maintaining a static threshold in addition to the baseline, so that you can get notified of sudden changes as well as slow changes over time that go over a specified limit.


Can you provide an example of what that would look like? How to develop those into alerts?


Hi @reopelle.scott, I would advise reading up on our documentation on Baseline Alerts, and if you have any questions or specific use cases, we should be able to help :slight_smile: