Alerts for 1400 Synthetic Simple Browser monitors

I want to create a condition that alerts when any of 1410 simple browser monitors fails from multiple locations. Is there a way to add all monitors to the condition or can I only add 50? If only 50, does that mean I have to create 28 different alert conditions?

Hey @support_omnigo, At this time, only 50 monitors can be added to a single generic Synthetics alert.

As a workaround, I believe you can use NRQL alert conditions. Here’s an example query-

SELECT uniqueCount(location) from SyntheticCheck WHERE result = 'FAILED' FACET monitorName, location

Use the FACET clause to separate your results by attribute and alert on each attribute independently. Faceted queries can return a maximum of 5000 values for static conditions


Thank you @zahrasiddiqa! I will try this solution and report back.


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Hi @zahrasiddiqa,
This does alert but I wonder if it is alerting if one location fails the check. I’d like to only alert if more than one location fails. I am getting alerts that clear in under a minute.


Hi, @support_omnigo: The query returns the number of locations that are failing. You would need to set the alert condition threshold to 2 or more.


Thanks @philweber, @zahrasiddiqa and the rest of the NR Support team. Shoot me a link where I can give you guys kudos. I have been in Infrastructure and Operations for over 21 years and this is by far the most helpful and responsive collaboration and support I have ever experienced. Very much appreciated!

Thanks for letting us know @support_omnigo, I have submitted your feedback about Phil and Zahra internally to make sure they got a shout out on this! :slightly_smiling_face:

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