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Alerts Generation


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Hi Support
We would like have a Generate a Downtime Report for Servers which has been down in last 60 days. Please check the possibilities.


Hi @noc-hostu - Not sure of your agent installation but this host not reporting documentation may help.


Dear @stefan_garnham,

We would require alert History for last 60 Days.


I think I understand, you want to be able to identify hosts which have not reported in the last 60 days. This sounds like an Insights NRQL question but I don’t have enough experience in the Infrastructure events to assist you.


Hi there @noc-hostu -

First, thanks so much to @stefan_garnham for his great ideas here.

We took a look at your account and I think that you are using our Servers product and attempting to build and alert based on data from that. There are two issues working against you here:

  1. Data retention. You are trying to alert on Servers that have been down in the last 60 days. However, for lite accounts the data retention on Alerts and Servers is only 24 hours, so you could not set this alert up at all.

  2. The servers product will reach end of life shortly. So if you’re currently using this product, I would definitely consider making a change.

Hope that clears things up. If you have any more questions, please let me know!