Alerts have stopped sending or showing in app

We have stopped receiving Alerts through email and the application. I do not believe anything has changed in the notifications. I did test an acknowledgment of an issue and that piece works, so it is with the alerts themselves.

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@apool - Can you share some links to alert incidents that have opened up where you are seeing this problem?

Any event you can link to that you expected an alert from will help us dig into this.

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Hello @apool,

Thank you for providing the links.

The alert policy Production Server Non-Critical Issues has Incident preference: By policy

This means that only one incident will be open at a time for the entire policy. This creates the fewest number of alert notifications and requires immediate action and closing the incidents to be effective. If there is an active incident when this preference is selected, no new alert notifications can be created until the incident is closed. Incident 103586154 has been open for 9 days and a notification was sent on Jan 8, 12:30 pm PST when the incident was opened (see Events tab) . Since the incident was never closed, any condition violations that were triggered from that point forward would not generate new alert notifications.

You can change your Incident Preferences to meet your needs by navigation to “Alert Policies” tab-> Selecting a policy-> Clicking on “Incident Preferences :By Policy” . Please refer to our documentation for additional information regarding Incident Preferences. There is also a great Explorers Hub article on Incident Preferences.



Thanks you so much! I will take a look at that.

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Let us know how it goes :smiley: