Alerts not being received on Email Distribution list

Tried creating an email channel notification that has an outlook distribution list email address. The objective is to alert all members in the distribution list. But the alerts are not being received. Any input will help. Thanks.

Hi @vsarathy - has the Exchange server been checked for spam filtering

I’ll file a support ticket for you so that we can get the email address that’s having troubles. I wouldn’t want you to post it publicly!

While we’re working on that please also take the time to read through this community post about avoiding our suppression list. It’s got some great tips for ensuring that your notifications get through.

Be on the lookout for my email!

I’ve noticed an increased amount of NewRelic Emails are now being junked by GMail.

Specifically the “[New Relic Online Technical Community] Summary” from "", but I imagine it’s affecting other mails too.

The reason GMail provide, is that these emails are not passing authentication (ie, DKIM, SPF DNS record etc)…

That’s unfortunate to hear that the discuss newrelic emails aren’t reaching your inbox. There are a couple things you can do to ensure that these emails aren’t marked as spam:

  1. Make sure that the "" email address is listed listed in your company’s Gmail Contacts list.

  2. When you receive emails and they are sent to the Google Spam folder, click on the ‘Not Spam’ button to alert Gmail that messages sent from that address are solicited.

I hope this helps.