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I took a look at this condition, and some of the associated data, @Preetika.Shukla, and there are a few things that might have been an issues but nothing looked like a smoking gun, to me.

One clarifying question:
You say that there were 4 violations but you didn’t get any notifications. The last incident I can see for this condition was from May 23rd and I don’t see any violations opened later than that. I can see that there were some data points above your threshold, though, during the last 24 hours. I just wanted to be sure that you were meaning that you would have expected violations to be opened, and an incident created (leading to notifications) but none were.

If that’s the case, then I also saw that you have this condition configured to only look at data from the last minute. It’s possible that the agent had some time lag connecting to New Relic and sending that up, so that when the condition was evaluated, the count was below your threshold. We recommend having this condition look at data that’s at least 3 minutes old to try and make sure we’re not evaluating incomplete data. Is it possible for you to configure the condition to do so?

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Hi @Preetika.Shukla, I wanted to follow up on what @parrott said. I took a look at the health of your condition, and it does seem to be registering late events. I strongly recommend increasing the evaluation offset for that condition to account for latency.

If you would like learn more about how this affects NRQL conditions, here is a great post you should check out.

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