Alert's not sending Slack notifications

We recently had a server go down due to low memory. We received the alert on 5/10 for the ‘Host Not Reporting (Business Hours)’ , however not one for the ‘Memory Low’ policy. Which is what we believe to be the causing factor, it has been a reoccurring issue. The last ‘Memory low’ alert we received was last month on 4/22. We can’t seem to see why the agent disconnected and why we didn’t get an alert for the ‘memory low’.

Can you provide a permalink to the condition for the memory low?

@sduvall here is a copy of the permalink on the dates surrounding the violation. It shows the memory low event triggered May 09, however I reviewed and confirmed that we never received the notification via slack. Shortly after we received the ‘host not responding’ notification. We have received notifications in the past (last event triggered being 4/22).

@zack8 That link seems to go to the logs. Can you provide a link to the alert condition that is set up to notify you when the memory is low?

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@sduvall Apologies, here is a link to the alert conditions we currently have setup to monitor our servers ( Sorry, still new to NR)