Alerts not triggering when process dies on Ubuntu 16.04

Configured Process running Alerts for a s3fs process on Ubuntu 16.04 to trigger when no process are running on matching host, it doesn’t trigger any alerts when no filtered matching process are not running. Please help fix this

OS: Ubuntu 16.04 ESM

  • Infrastructure agent version: 1.24.2

Hi @gowtham.reddy

I hope you are well.

This is a little out of my scope and I will likely need to loop in an Alerts engineer.

However the engineer will like need to gain better insight here, can you provide a link to the Alert/condition that is facing this issue. Please note that only New Relics can access this link.

Looking forward to hearing from you, please feel free to include any updates or reach out with any other questions you have.

@dcody thank you for the response, please see the link below

@gowtham.reddy Can you provide a specific time range where the data violated but an violation did not open so that we can look at this further? Thank you

April 23rd 4:30AM - 4:35AM CST and the incident also happened on April 24 I think at 12:07AM CST.

Thank you

For that time range I still see 1 process running. Which is above the the 0 process it is looking for which means it won’t trigger. You can see the query here.

Can you provide a query that shows where it drops to 0?

@sduvall I’ve a similar situation with the following alert

the alert should have been triggered at May 3 1:36PM CST but it didn’t trigger. Please let me know

hi @gowtham.reddy I am opening an internal ticket for this second one. It looks like there were 2 places it dropped. The first one is at the exact moment it looks like you were making several changes to the condition. When making changes it resets the condition. The first change you made reset the condition the same time the data dropped. Then the last change was after it came back up.

The second drop however I am not yet sure about so I am going to check with engineering to see what they can see on the backend.