Alerts not triggering?!


For some reason alerts are just not being raised even through I’m confident my policies are correct:

Please can someone provide me with some support?


Hi, @nick51: What is the incident preference setting of the alert policy containing the above conditions? Are there any open incidents on the policy?

It was set to By Policy.

Should I change this? A policy has multiple conditions.

By policy, the default setting, allows only one open incident at a time per policy. If your policy already has an open incident, you will not get a new incident or notifications when additional conditions are violated. You may see the additional violations if you look at the open incident, but you will not receive notifications about them. This behavior is designed to minimize alert fatigue.

If you do not like this behavior, you may change the incident preference setting to one of the other options: By condition, or By condition and entity.

That’s really helpful, thankyou, however, I don’t have any incidents open right now and the policies are being violated by rules.

Could you shed any light on this? :slight_smile:

No, I don’t have any other suggestions. Hopefully a support engineer will be along soon to assist you further.

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